Real-Time Risk Mitigation
  • 10,000 Profiles Updated Daily
  • Real-Time Risk Profiles
  • 120,000 Media Sources
Risk Profile Matching
  • 13 Million Red Flagged Profiles
  • 1.7 Million PEPs Scored by Country
  • PEPs Scored By Position & Level

IDMERIT’s Anti-money laundering (AML) solution IDMaml

IDMaml is designed to help minimize the risks associated with money laundering and other illicit activities. Our platform and risk-mitigation solutions will help your organization build a robust compliance program while substantially reducing fraud and loss.

  • Level 1 Compliance Screening
  • BSA, FinCEN, & FINRA
  • Low Compliance Costs
Sanctions & Adverse Media
  • Specialized Data Sets for Iran, MRB
  • 1200+ Sanctions Lists Monitored.
  • Global Watchlist Monitored

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) & AML Watchlist Screening

Bank Secrecy Act

IDMerit gives your organization access to one of the world’s largest databases of criminal risk profiles. Risk profiles include white-collar criminals, money launderers, terrorists, and other high-risk offenders.

BSA & AML Watchlist Screening Requirements:
  • FINRA Rule 3310, the Bank Secrecy Act, and FinCEN guidance notices dictate the laws and compliance regulations
  • To meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer 2+2 (KYC 2+2) requirements,
  • Organizations must build a CIP program (including running identity queries for new customers) and engage in ongoing transaction monitoring of all existing customers.
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PEP Watchlist Screening

IDMaml and IDMerit’s Ecosystem of Identity products gives you access to the largest global databases tracking suspicious persons and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), including global coverage:

  • PEP and OFAC Sanction lists
  • UN, HMT, EU, and DFAT Sanction lists
  • Interpol, foreign federal and state government agencies
  • FBI and police/law enforcement databases
  • Governing regulatory bodies (financial, crypto, and securities commissions)
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Mitigate Business Risk. Guarantee Compliance.

Mitigate Business Risk

IDMERIT’s solutions for Anti-Money Laundering allow you to quickly and easily identify high-risk applicants and manage them in an ongoing, effortless manner. Our electronic identity verification solutions- IDMkyc, IDMscan, IDMaml, and IDMdevice– work together to help your organization identify and lower the risk to meet ongoing compliance requirements.

  1. Our unique suite of products begins by allowing you to input data (chosen from more than 520 global identity record formats), including:
    • Name, Address, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, National ID Number
  2. Your customer’s identity data is then compared against local, national, and global criminal, adverse media, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). IDMaml gives you the ability to compare identity records against any of our global identity databases.
    • KYC 2+2 Matching, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Adverse Media, Sanction List Databases
  3. Real-time match results include a risk profile and any key recommendations that exist based on the specific risk profile.
  4. Onboard your verified customers in an instant or begin to implement Enhanced Due Diligence in order to mitigate risk and adhere to ongoing compliance regulations.
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Effortlessly Scale Your AML & Fraud Prevention Programs

Our solution is scalable irrespective of the organization's size dedicated to building your Customer Identification Program (CIP), Enhanced Due Diligence, and Risk Profile creation with the IDMerit Ecosystem.

AML powered by Machine learning Algorithms
  • With no false positives, our ever-evolving anti-money laundering approaches and solutions are the most trusted in the industry.
  • Financial institutions can easily monitor suspicious transactions by implementing our plug-and-play systems and APIs. This would not only keep you away from SAR filings and other legacy-based systems but also save you millions on fraudulent transactions that you have to write off every year.
Fraud Prevention Programs

We Take Security and Privacy Seriously

IDMERIT 4 Pillars of Protection
1Data Protection

Sensitive data is encrypted during transmission via TLS/SSL and at rest via AES-256

2Access Security

System access is allowed for credentialed users only, and remote access to production systems requires multi-factor authentication. Our data access policies adhere to ISO 27001 and SOC2 requirements.

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3Physical Security

The IDMERIT platform is hosted securely on the Amazon Web Server

4Regulatory Compliance

IDMERIT is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant, and we are active on Privacy Shield

Regulatory Compliance

IDMERIT is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant and we are active on Privacy Shield

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