IDMkyc: Global ID Verification & KYC Solutions

IDMkyc is the best-in-class KYC solution that can provide quick and easy personal identity verification and seamless fraud detection. Utilizing an API (REST), it can access over 500+ official data sources across 175+ countries to provide digital Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions.

  • Simple multi-source matching (minimum 2 in-country official sources
  • All Personal Identity Information (PII) match
  • (For) KYC provides a 2+2 match API that meets regulatory compliance, including the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
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Our Single API Gives You KYC Access To The World

Developer’s Portal

Single API Provides Access To The World

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Maximize your matches with truly global data sources and a lightning-fast API.

  • Ability to subscribe to any of the 500+ data sources in over 175 countries, including challenging areas such as France, India, Indonesia, Japan & South Africa, etc.
  • Access all technical documentation, including sample data
  • 24/7 customer support
  • API developer Portal

Superior Data

IDMERIT’s data experts have spent over a decade building strategic relationships with the world’s premium data repositories. These data sources provide enhanced data intelligence. This allows IDMkyc to tap into a variety of trusted sources including:

  • Government data
  • Voter data
  • Credit Files
  • Utilities
  • Passport registries
  • Tax Registries
  • Public records
  • Mobile Network Subscriber Data
  • Motor vehicle data
  • Census data

Why Choose IDMkyc For KYC Compliance Needs?

Friction is a problem that all online businesses must deal with. Friction is reported as one of the main reasons users abandon accounts during the onboarding process. Businesses are committed to provide easy and secure onboarding procedures that get users to their end goal, signing up for their platform or service. IDMERIT KYC solutions for banks and other industries address this issue and provide a frictionless onboarding experience to users. It performs a thorough risk assessment and confirms the validity of a customer in seconds. Being an industry-leading KYC service provider, IDMERIT ensures quick verification and secure onboarding with minimal processing time involved.

  • The Identity verification services and automated KYC solutions IDMERIT offers to verify customer identities seamlessly. Friction or block is introduced only during risk detection while onboarding.
  • IDMERIT, the top KYC solutions provider, helps companies with the highest match rates in the industry with highly secure data capabilities for clients. Plus, IDMscan is able to verify and authenticate users in real-time with little to no waiting involved.

We Take Security and Privacy Seriously

IDMERIT 4 Pillars of Protection
1Data Protection

Sensitive data is encrypted during transmission via TLS/SSL and at rest via AES-256

2Access Security

System access is allowed for credentialed users only, and remote access to production systems requires multi-factor authentication. Our data access policies adhere to ISO 27001 and SOC2 requirements.

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3Physical Security

The IDMERIT platform is hosted securely on the Amazon Web Server

4Regulatory Compliance

IDMERIT is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant, and we are active on Privacy Shield

Regulatory Compliance

IDMERIT is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant and we are active on Privacy Shield

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Frequently Asked Questions

IDMkyc does not have a database for identity verification. It has access via a live API to official sources around the globe. Currently, we tap over 600 databases in over 90 countries.

IDMkyc is a REST API. Your technical resources should have no problem integrating it if they have installed other API’s. Please note that different countries will require different fields of information. You may need to modify your web form to accurately collect the information from the customer, so it can properly be tested against the database in the country of origin. Finally, we assume that you have the ability to receive the returning match information and have a place to store it.

We have three ways of testing in IDMkyc. Two of them are free.
1. You can submit to us a brief spreadsheet of approximately 100 rows of data from a country you would like to test, and we will submit that file to our data partner to be manually checked.
2. For API functionality testing, we can provide you a sandbox environment along with sample data to play with.
3. For a robust test, including multiple nations and thousands of rows of data, we can charge a flat fee for a set number of tests and allow you to integrate our open API and test your data.

Match rates vary by country In IDMkyc and can be extremely high—nearing 100%—in Western or first world nations. In some countries, it is not possible to get even a 50% match rate. Please inquire for average results in the countries you are interested in. Please note, that this is a garbage-in/garbage-out scenario. We cannot be held responsible for the input of inaccurate data.

It takes 3-4 seconds for results in IDMkyc.

The cost of data matching in IDMkyc varies from country to country, and discounts are applied based on volume and term of commitment. Additionally, we are the only provider who does not charge the full amount when there is no match. Pricing in the USA will be the cheapest. Some notably high-cost areas include parts of the Middle East, South Africa and smaller countries where database infrastructure is still primitive. We are glad to give you a more accurate quote based on your specific requirements

IDMkyc currently supports checks to PEP and OFAC. If you have a unique request, we are glad to honor it if the database can be accessed through an API. Additional charges may apply.

IDMkyc supports all native writing systems. The customer input needs to match the style of the in-country database.

IDMERIT’s IDMkyc can be easily integrated with your web form capture and flow text capture from the form.

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