Consumers use mobile devices to perform a variety of everyday tasks. Mobile users are searching for information, requesting quotes, purchasing products, making appointments or reservations, and enrolling for services all from their smartphones. While doing more from a smartphone has never been easier, Mobile Fill Technology can reduce frustration for many users from having to Fill Mobile Forms.

Reduce Customer Friction

The speed at which business is carried out in today’s digital world is remarkable from just a decade ago. With more advanced technology and devices on the market today, business is on the move. Your clients are conducting more business from their smartphones, and that requires your business to ensure potential customers have efficient and effective mobile journeys.

IDMautofill can assist users when filling out mobile forms. It ultimately decreases friction for smartphone users by reducing the amount of time they need to spend filling out mobile forms. This technology helps increase customer satisfaction.

Faster Mobile Onboarding

Improve your account creation process by significantly speeding it up. With IDMautofill, customer information can be pulled from identity documents and instantly populated into mobile forms. This means customers can avoid spending a lot of time filling in key identity data during onboarding, account creation, or check-out procedures. Plus, with accurate data filling into the forms, this means accounts can be processed more quickly by your institution.

Increase New Account Creation

Working on a smaller screen increases the chance of customer abandonment during form filling. There is nothing more irritating to a customer than typing single characters on a mobile device. IDMautofill helps address customer abandonment issues for banks, financial institutions, healthcare providers, insurance companies, telecommunication providers, and other online retailers. It takes the complexity out of filling mobile forms, reduces friction for users, and simplifies the process for an exemplary user experience. IDMautofill from IDMERIT uses machine learning to exceptionally extract and prefill data.

More Accurate Data

When a customer fills out personal information on a mobile form, it increases the chance of inaccuracy. Because of the smaller screen size on mobile phones, a customer can unknowingly key in incorrect data. Mobile form-fill technology reduces errors by diminishing the amount of data a customer needs to input (themselves) into a mobile form. It boasts near-accurate transferring from government-issued identity documents to forms. If your institution uses this technology, it will notice more accurate data within its internal customer databases.

How it Works

IDMautofill uses OCR technology that can integrate with your application and enable users to scan their government-issued identity documents and extract their data. With this technology, your company will improve the user experience for your customers. The result will be increased customer satisfaction and more success for your business.

The types of government-issued identity documents we can scan include:

  • Passports
  • National IDs
    National IDs
  • Drivers Licenses
    Drivers Licenses

When a customer begins to Fill out Mobile Forms, they will first be prompted to select their country and the type of ID they will be scanning. From there, the customer will hold their ID to the camera of their mobile device. After the photo has been taken, the data will instantly be extracted and populated into a form.

Benefits of Mobile Fill Technology

  • Increase mobile account completions
  • Reduce onboarding abandonment
  • Improve user experiences for mobile users
  • Increase checkout page conversion rates
  • Boost customer data quality for backend office procedures or future retargeting

A Variety of Different Applications

IDMautofill can apply to various scenarios:

  • Account opening
    Account opening
  • Insurance quoting
    Insurance quoting
  • Loan applications
    Loan applications
  • Account Funding
    Account funding
  • Checkout procedures
    Checkout procedures

Uncomplicated Employee-Assisted Onboarding

Banks, financial institutions, credit card issuers, telecommunication providers and insurers can embed mobile OCR technology into a tablet or mobile applications. This will allow employees to assist applicants faster and more efficiently in customer-present scenarios. With IDMautofill, backend processes speed up, creating better customer experiences for consumers and employees. The accuracy of IDMautofill will dramatically increase account application approvals because the human error will be reduced in the form-filling process.

Mobile Fill Advantages

Straightforward Implementation: With minimal development time, IDMautofill can be integrated into your mobile application. The mobile SDK IDMERIT (offers) can be implemented easily and quickly.

Global Coverage: IDMautofill can Fill Mobile Forms with government-issued identity documents—passports, driver’s licenses, or government IDs—from countries all around the worldwide.

Cross-Platform Technology: IDMautofill provides Mobile Fill Technology for iOS and Android apps. It will work on smartphones and tablets.

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