June 4 - 7, 2024
Elevating Identity for an Upgraded Reality
European Identity and Cloud Conference 2024

Join more than 1,500 tech enthusiasts for Europe’s prime conference for digital identity and tech in Berlin. From unparalleled networking opportunities with a great community and visionary leaders to deep dive sessions with the very tech shaping our tomorrow, EIC offers an exclusive ticket into the vanguard of digital ID and AI's transformative potential.

An Unmissable Confluence of Time and Theme
Block out June 4-7, 2024, on your calendars and set your sights on Berlin, the pulsating heart of European innovation. The 17th edition of the European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC) emerges not just as another milestone event, but as the singular symposium diving deep into the future of an AI-upgraded reality. EIC is no ordinary tech conference; it stands alone as the nexus of human-centric exploration and technological evolution.

At the core of this transformation is the interplay of Digital ID and our shared human experience in a world increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence. If there’s one place on the globe this year where the future feels palpably close, where visionary ideas meet actionable insight, it’s here at EIC 2024 in Berlin. Don't miss the chance to be part of this defining moment.
Networking and Beyond: Tapping into the Collective Genius of the Global Digital ID Community
EIC 2024 is more than a congregation of experts; it’s a melting pot of creative minds from every corner of the globe, each bringing a unique perspective to the realm of digital ID. At EIC, you're not just expanding your network: you're plugging into a collective intelligence that holds the key to the next era of digital identity. Harness this energy, and together, let's sculpt the future. Watch what some of last year’s attendees have to say about the conference.
Seize the Unparalleled Moment
EIC 2024 is the place where you take the driver seat in a paradigm shift, standing at the crossroads of the AI-augmented era. This isn’t just about gleaning knowledge, but about immersing yourself in a transformative experience. From unparalleled networking opportunities with a great community and visionary leaders to deep dive sessions with the very tech shaping our tomorrow, EIC offers an exclusive ticket into the vanguard of the digital ID revolution and AI's transformative potential.

EIC 2024 Session Streams

Expand your knowledge, enhance your network, and join the discussion
Upgrade Reality
Delve deep into the transformative power of AI, exploring the profound ways it will re-architect both our societal frameworks and business ecosystems. This stream transcends technology, reflecting on our collective human experience in a world where AI seamlessly interweaves with our daily existence.

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Inside: Enterprise Digital ID
Digital ID Beyond the Enterprise
Industry 4.0
Trends and Innovation
Digital ID Deep Dives
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Get on stage and contribute to Europe’s top conference in digital identity. Position yourself as an industry expert, enhance your personal brand, and shape the industry with more than 200 speakers from top-tier organizations from enterprises, government, and academia.
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Who Should Attend? Pioneers, Visionaries, and Leaders of Tomorrow
Whether you're a seasoned technologist, a budding entrepreneur, a cybersecurity expert, or simply a tech enthusiast, EIC 2024 promises a treasure trove of knowledge, networking opportunities, and innovative showcases. If you want your enterprise or career to remain ahead in this digital age, EIC is where you need to be.

EIC 2024 is for those who envision, strategize, and enact the future. Whether you're:

A C-Level Executive spearheading digital transformations and looking to harness the power of AI within your organization.

Cybersecurity Professionals aiming to stay ahead of emerging threats and learn from global best practices.

Digital Identity Architects and Strategists keen to shape the next wave of digital ID paradigms.

Innovation Managers eager to grasp the breakthroughs on the horizon and integrate them into business strategies.

Data Scientists and AI Specialists looking to comprehend the broader applications and implications of AI in a Digital ID and Cybersecurity context.

Policy Makers and Regulators striving to understand and shape the legal and ethical terrain of a rapidly changing digital world.

Industry Analysts, Thought Leaders, Consultants wanting to gain a pulse on the latest trends and challenges.

Entrepreneurs and Start-up Founders in the tech realm, aiming to align their innovations with the industry's future trajectory.

EIC 2024 is your platform. Here, you'll connect with peers, gain unmatched insights, and shape strategies that will define the future of an AI-driven world intertwined with digital identity. If you're among those who lead, innovate, and transform, EIC 2024 is where you need to be.
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