IDMERIT is a global consumer and business verification portal. We help customers across industries and government sectors predict, assess, and manage risks by combining next-generation risk management and anti-fraud services. Our warehouse of unique data and advanced analytics tools to address evolving client needs can help you automate decision making while upholding the highest standards of security and privacy.


We work closely with world-class niche organizations offering data warehousing and validity of contact data solutions to ensure they are in compliance with:

  • Foreign Nationals Employment Act
  • Compulsory Identification Act
  • Counter-Terrorism Act
  • Anti-Money Laundering Act.
  • And more!


Our company powers the global identity ecosystem for customers, giving them access to our products and services through our alliance partners:

  • Telecommunication Entities
  • Credit Institutions
  • Electoral Rolls
  • Voters Registries
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Government Departments


For more information on IDMERIT’s identity verification services, you can drop us a line through the Contact Us page or call us at (888)-378-9283.